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What is Design/Build?  Design/Build remodeling focuses on combining the design, permit, and construction schedule in order to streamline the traditional Design-Bid-Build process.

Design-Bid-Build requires the completion of detailed drawings and specifications before bids are solicited.  When the design process is finished, the owner takes these drawings to a construction company or multiple companies to bid the project. 

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If the construction cost turns out to be higher than the client's budget, the client must then go back to the designer for revisions and the process starts over and repeats until the cost of construction meets the clients budget.  The reason for this, is that designers, architects, or draftspersons, typically will not address the costs involved in the construction of the project.  Unfortunately, when this happens, the project will usually run well over the budget.  When the design process is complete the owner hires a contractor to build the project.  This contract is independent of the designer, and questions regarding the project details and interpretation become the responsibility of the owner.  This entire process lacks continuity, and important details may be vague or even missed.

Phoenix Construction uses a Design/Build process, which in contrast, reduces client risk by providing single-source accountability for architectural, engineering, and construction services. We will address all of the details of your remodel project during the design and drawing phase, so that we can create an accurate estimate of the project cost.  By taking care of the details ahead of time, cost overruns, and time delays during the construction phase can be avoided. After the detailed design is complete, and the plans (construction documents) are drawn, we will enter into a "Construction Contract" and acquire the necessary engineering and permits to build the project that we have designed together.  A project schedule is set, with start and completion dates, and the construction can begin. There is a significant advantage to having the entire project completed by one entity. We provide our clients with design, structural engineering, project management and construction services, which insures a smooth and seamless transition through each phase, from the first conceptual idea through the project completion.

We believe that communication is key to a successful project.  Our reputation for integrity, high standards, and commitment to excellence, insures a successful outcome for our clients
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